Monday, August 20, 2012


hello friends welcome to my blog is the blog area, now I want to give an information about how to create a website for free. For today's website is the foundation for someone to wrestle in the Internet world. That is why many people think to create a website is difficult but these beginners untu dalah information suitable to be utilized.
I do not want a lot of lip service anymore because this is information pernting because no one wanted to provide this information in detail. Well to begin the steps are as follows:
A. Look for a free domain for the first time membutat website is to register a domain at

2. copy in the address bar

3. Then be directed to the web like this

4. and content of the website name you want

5. Then check availability

4. If it appears www. ***. is already registered then enter the name on the web that has been registered by other users

6. Try to find another name for your website
7. If the domain name was available so that the two domain names can be used, like this picture

8. Next you will be taken to the next page, because you are a new member to register, then CLICK "Create an account now" as designated by the red arrows in the figure below.

9. on the registration page you have the correct details you have
A. first name
2. last name
3. email
4. gender
5. Date. birth
6. password
7. Repeat password
8. Verification code, type in the box provided in accordance with the letter
10. Continue to scroll down the registration (tadik mouse down), and fill with the necessary data, such as guided imagery below

11. Check once again to ensure that your data content is correct, if it is complete then click the "Create an account now" as shown in the picture below

12. Now the domain name you're done for a while and the next step is to make hosting wait for my next post ...

for the language you use translate please click below ..


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