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0 Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Radhyiallahu 'Umar (d. 13 AH)

His full name is Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Uthman ibn Amr ibn Ka `ab bin Sa` ad ibn Taim bin Murra bin Ka `ab ibn` ai Lu Fihr bin Ghalib bin al-Qurasy at-Taimi - radi 'anhu. Nasabnya met with the Prophet on his grandfather Murrah ibn Ka'b bin Lu'ai. Abu Bakr was the Prophet Companions - Allaah `alayhi was salam - who had accompanied the Prophet from the beginning he sent him as an Apostle, he was among those who early Islam. Abu Bakr had the nickname "al-Siddiq 'and' Atiq '.

Some say that Abu Bakr called "as-Siddiq" because when the event occurs Isra `mi` raj, the people denied the incident, while Abu Bakr immediately confirmed.Messenger of Allah testify friendship with Abu Bakr in Al-Qur `an, that is, in his words:" ... he was one of two people when they are in the cave, when he said to his friend: 'Do not you grieve, indeed God is with us'. "(Surah at-Tawbah: 40)

`Aisha, Abu Sa'id and Ibn Abbas in interpreting this verse said:" Abu Bakr was the one who accompanied the Prophet in the cave. "Allah also says: "And those who bring truth and justify it, they are the ones who fear Allah." (Az-Zumar: 33)

Al-Imam adh-Dzahabi after bringing this verse in his book al-Kabaa `ir, he narrated that Ja` far al-Sadiq said: "There is no dispute anymore that people who come with the truth is the Messenger of Allah, while to confirm it was Abu Bakr. Are there still exceeding keistimeaannya keistimeaan among the Companions? "Of Amr ibn al-As radi `anhu, the army sent him bahwaRasulullah Dzatus Salasil:" I then went to him and asked "Who is the man you love?" He said: "Aisha" I said, "that of a man?" He replied : "her father (Abu Bakr)" I said: 'then who? "he replied:" Umar "and mentions some men." (HR.Bukhari and Muslim)

"Verily Allah has made me as his lover, as he made Abraham as his lover. And if I take out of my Ummah as a lover, I will make Abu Bakr as a lover. "(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

From Abu Sa `id radi` anhu, that the Prophet sat on the pulpit and said: "Surely there is a servant who was given a choice by God, the world was given the luxury of what his side. So that servant chose what was on his side "and Abu Bakr cried and cried, and said:" Our father and mother as ransom 'Abu Sa `id said:" The servant in question is the Prophet, and Abu Bakr was the most out of us "Messenger of Allah said:" Verily the most give me the protection of property and the friendship was Abu Bakr. If I may take a lover (in another narration was added: "other than my rabb"), surely I would take Abu Bakr as my beloved. But this is a brotherhood in Islam. Nothing in the mosque except for a door had been closed, but only the door of Abu Bakr alone (which is still open). "(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Prophet said: "Verily Allah has sent me to you all. But you just said 'you are a liar'. While Abu Bakr confirmed (my teaching). He has helped me with life and property. Are you going to leave me (to leave) Sahabahs? "The Prophet spoke the words 2 times. Since then Abu Bakr was never harmed (by one of the Muslims). (Narrated by Bukhari)

The period of the Caliphate

In the history of al-Bukhari narrated from Aisha radi 'anha, that when the Prophet died, Abu Bakr came on horseback from his home in rural Sunh. He got out of the animal mount it then goes to the mosque. He did not invite anyone to talk until he entered into the house of Aisha. Abu Bakar revealed that covered the Prophet's face with a cloth and then a kiss on her forehead. Abu Bakr wept and said: "for the sake of my father and mother as ransom, God will bring two deaths on you. The death was defined at yourself, then you are already dead. "Then Abu Bakr and Umar was speaking out in front of people. So Abu Bakr said: "Sit down, O Umar!" But Umar was reluctant to sit. So the people went to Abu Bakr and left 'Umar. Abu Bakr said, "Amma bad` du, if any of you have a worship Muhammad, then Muhammad has indeed died. If you worship Allah, verily Allah is living and will never die.
God has said:"Muhammad is no more than a messenger, it has passed the previous few apostles. Is if he died or was killed, will you turn back on your heels (as disbelievers)? he who turn back on, so he can not bring harm to Allah at all, and Allah will reward those who are grateful. "(Surah Al 'Imran: 144)

Ibn `Abbas radi anhuma said:" By Allah, as if the people do not know that Allah had revealed this verse till Abu Bakr recited it. Then everyone receives verses of Al-Qur `an, nobody heard of them but sung."

Sa `id bin Musayyab rahimahullah said that when Umar said:" By Allah, I think I just heard the verse when read by Abu Bakr, to the point that I was unable to lift my legs, so I bowed to the ground when I heard Abu Bakr read. Now I already knew that the Prophet was already dead. "

In the history of other al-Bukhari, Umar said, "then people steeled their hearts while tears. Then people gather around Anshor Sa `ad ibn Ubadah its Saqifah Bani Sa` idah "they said:" From among us (Anshor) was the leader, as well as from among you! "Then Abu Bakr, Umar and Abu Ubaidah Ibn al-Jarroh approached them. Umar began, but soon stopped Abu Bakr. In this case, Umar said: "By Allah, I want to really just express what I think is very good. I was worried Abu Bakr did not deliver "Then Abu Bakr spoke, it turns out he's a terfasih in his words, he said:" We are the leaders, while you are the ministers. "Habbab ibn al-Mundhir responded:" No, by Allah, we will not do, from our leaders and there are those of you too. "Abu Bakr replied:" No, we are the leader, while you are the ministers. They (the immigrants) is an Arab tribe of the fairest, the noblest and kindest nasabnya. So baiatlah Umar or Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarroh. "Then Umar interrupted:" In fact we will membai `atmu. You are our sayyid, the best of us and the most beloved Prophet. 'Umar took hold of the hand of Abu Bakr and `atnya membai which is then followed by the crowd. Then there's a saying: "you have killed (right Caliph) Sa` ad (bin Ubadah). "Then Umar said:" Allah has killed him. "(History Bukhari)

According to the `ulama historian, Abu Bakr received services milking goats for the villagers. When he had Dibai `at as caliph, there was a village woman said:" Now Abu Bakr will no longer redden Our goat's milk. "Word was heard by Abu Bakr that he said:" No, even I will continue to receive services milking goats you. Actually I hope to post the clothes I have now is not at all change the habits of the past. "Evidently, Abu Bakr remained redden their goats milk.When Abu Bakr was appointed caliph, Umar ordered him to take care of the affairs of the Muslims pilgrimage. It was not until the following year Hajj Abu Bakr. As for the religious pilgrimage, he did in the month of Rajab in 12 AH he entered the city of Mecca around the time of Duha and headed home. He was accompanied by several young men who were talking to him. Then it is said to Abu Quhafah (father Abu Bakr): "This son (has come)!"So Abu Quhafah stand from its place. Abu Bakr rushed ordered his camel to kneel. He fell from his camel as camels had not had time to perfect his knees and said: "O my father, do not you stand up?" Then Abu Bakr embraced Abu Quhafahand kissed his forehead. Of course Abu Quhafah flood of tears as happy with the arrival of his son.After that came several prominent cities like Makkah Attab bin Usaid, Suhail bin Amr, Ikrimah bin Abi Jahl and al-Harith bin Hisham. They all say hello to Abu Bakr: "Assalamu` alaika O Caliph Messenger of Allah! "They all shook hands with Abu Bakr. Then Abu Quhafah said: "O Atiq (nicknamed Abu Bakr), they are the people (which is good). Therefore, jalinlah good friendship with them! "Abu Bakr said:" O my father, no power and efforts but only with God's help. I have been given a very heavy burden, of course I would not have the strength to bear it except only with the help of God. "Then Abu Bakr said:" Is there anyone who would denounce an act dzalim? "Apparently no one comes to Abu Bakr to report a tyranny. Everyone is even flatter their leader.

Death of
According to the `ulama historian Abu Bakr passed away on Tuesday night, exactly between Maghrib and Isha start on 8 Jumada 13 H. Age when he died he was 63 years old. He is saying the body was bathed by Asma 'bint Umais, his wife. Then he was buried beside the grave of the Prophet. Umar mensholati remains among the Prophet's grave and pulpit (ar-Raudhah). While that fell directly into the grave is his son Abdurrahman (bin Abi Bakr), Umar, Uthman and Talha bin Ubaidullah.


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